BDG Win App Download | Get ₹150 Rebate Bonus

BDG Win App Is the the same as a Big Daddy game color prediction gaming app. The BDG Win App name is new for its new updation of the Big Daddy game app. Download this colour prediction gaming app available along with 27 online games now on your smart device. In today’s article, we are going to tell you about 24/7 customer support services and highly recharge rebate bonus.


Customer Support Services In BDG Win App:

You will get 24/7 customer support services in the BDG Win app. You will get this option on the first home page. In this, you can also do live a chat with the crew members team of this app.

BDG Win App

In future, if you need to reset your login password, you can take their help. You can get help from customer support services to change all the bank details entered by you at any time. This app is completely safe and secure. Any time you can go to this services centre for any type of problem regarding this APK.

Highly Recharge Rebate Bonus In BDG Win App:

In this app, you have to recharge a minimum of 300 rupees to get their rebate bonus. If you recharge for Rs 300 then you will get an extra recharge rebate bonus of Rs 60. In this way, when your game becomes strong and you do high wallet recharge then you will get a high rebate recharge bonus in this apk. 

BDG Win Bonus

Like if you recharge your wallet with 10,000 rupees, you will get a bonus recharge of 600 rupees.  There are many opportunities available in this app for you to earn, you just have to strengthen your colour prediction games.

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In today’s article on BDG Win Apk, we have told you about the facility of customer support services and the rebate you get on extra earning point recharge.

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