Bounty Game App Download | Play Games & Earn ₹700 In APK

In the Bounty game app, you will find 27 online best casino or online colour prediction games. So you can earn lakhs. Your reward bonus results in the Aviator game will be if you remain active in this game. You will get the best rewards by playing colour prediction games in your activities with weekly rewards.

To download the Bounty game app you will have to go to their official website. Or with the code recommended by us, you can register with a bonus in this apk at any time.

Bounty Game App
Bounty Game Invitation Code4818726109

Rewards In Bounty Game App:

To get many amazing rewards in the Bounty game app, first download this apk on your smart or Android device.

Bounty Game

After that click on the activities section. Here you will have to activate all the offers by participating in them to get your monthly or weekly bonus reward. As you complete the mission, you will get rewards which will be added to your bounty game apk wallet.

Quiz contests which give rewards by spinning the monthly wheel, you can easily earn up to one lakh. To get these huge rewards or increase your income in the Bounty game app, install this apk now.

How To Play Colour Prediction Game In Bounty Game Apk:

1: After logging into the bounty game app, you will get many online games. Select the game from which you will win.

2: Then now you will have to select one one-minute time frame.

Bounty Game Colour Prediction

3: Now you have to select one of the three colors which is red, green, or violet

4: You have to place your bet by selecting numbers of the same colour.

5: To place a bet you must have a valid wallet balance.

6: After placing the bet results come on your chosen colour showing you have won this round.

In this way, you can earn by continuing this game.

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The bounty game app rewards many of your activities with colour prediction games. Because of this, you will be earning a lot. The bounty game app is genuine so invest in this apk at your own risk.

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